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This article’s author writes: “The first time I gave my son medication, I felt like I was poisoning him.”

I think this article is of supreme importance and should be read by every single Jewish mom! About ADHD and how medication can help…

I am putting my five year old son to bed, when suddenly his hand reaches out and grabs my throat. Immediately, he transforms his action into a caress; it is as though his hand had acted on its own, and his mind only caught up with it a moment later. The threat lingers in the air as I turn out his light and leave the room.

I watch him. I see his little acts of violence. I see them often directed at me – always unprovoked, and always unexpected.

I find graffiti under the table. His destruction is subtle, and hidden. It is very hard to catch him in the act.

The cover of a new book is scratched now. It is a small thing, but when was this done, and why? I don’t ask who did this.

I am lying in bed when he comes in and throws a die at me. The die cracks against the wall over me with a sound that is sharp and menacing.

I squeeze my eyes closed. When I open them, he is still smiling.

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